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Due to an increase in the consumption power of people and the growth of e-commerce companies in the country, there has been a massive increase in the demand for the delivery workers as well. Today, jobs look very different than they were 20 years ago. Delivery workers are not just some college students hoping to earn some quick side bucks. Delivery workers now work better, tougher and earn more as well. There are currently more than 8 lakh truck delivery drivers in the USA earning a median salary of $30500 per year or $14.66 per hour. However, the employment growth rate of delivery jobs from 2018 to 2028 is just 2%, slower than most of the other occupations. This can create problems for workers looking for jobs in this field. While there is also a sufficient demand for delivery workers currently, there are not enough skilled prospects for this job. Due to the ‘Amazon effect’, customers now expect fast delivery of their goods, usually within 1 to 2 days. This creates pressure on delivery workers to do their job efficiently in the least possible time. Online job boards are your best chance to find the right delivery job near you. And one of such effective job boards is Creamrole. Creamrole focuses on over 20 blue-collar job profiles and operates in three cities currently i.e. Los Angeles, New York City, and San Francisco, with an aim to expand its services to other US cities as well in the near future.  Job boards to hire delivery workers in the USA There are numerous job portals in the USA working tirelessly to help individuals land their dream jobs. But mostly these job portals including some of the most popular names in this field such as Indeed, Glassdoor and Monster focus primarily on the needs of the white-collar employees. While one can actually post blue-collar job postings on these websites, those would most probably get ignored and overlooked amongst the massive white-collar job postings. This is one of the major reasons we need a dedicated job board that focuses exclusively on the needs of blue-collar workers and work to make their hiring process easier and more productive. While there are few job boards available that target the needs of blue-collar sector workers like Craigslist, Wonolo, and Localwise, they just aren’t enough. And this is what led to the growth and rise of Creamrole. Creamrole is one of the most widely used platforms to hire informal sector workers including delivery workers and is committed exclusively to their needs and aims to connect small to medium-sized businesses, startups, and enterprises, offering opportunities, with blue-collar job seekers. Creamrole: Find the right delivery job Creamrole will help you find the right delivery job that not only provides favorable working conditions but also a profitable pay structure. Creamrole comes with numerous benefits for job seekers such as easy registration process, user-friendly interface, and a simple layout. Some interesting facts about Creamrole are given below that easily provides it a competitive edge over the competitors: Creamrole is the only niche blue-collar and entry-level job board in the US currently. Creamrole is presently available in  3 cities: New York City, San Francisco, and Los Angeles with a goal to expand its services to other major US cities in the near future. The job portal’s main focus is on the delivery jobs and can help you find the right job of your dreams very easily.  Apart from the delivery worker jobs, there are 21 other job profiles on Creamrole as well such as driver, chef, waiter, bartender, electrician, salon, spa, care, babysitter, retail, sales, etc Features and benefits for Jobseekers If you are wondering why you should use Creamrole to find the right delivery jobs near you, read on: You can search and apply for local nearby jobs easily on this job portal. There is an easy and hassle-free mobile OTP sign-up and login facility available only for jobseekers Creamrole is 100% free to register and use for the jobseekers You can opt for free job alerts which will notify you of the latest job openings in your area via emails. The employers and jobs posted on Creamrole are 100% verified which increases the response rate and improves your chances of hiring significantly.  There is no requirement for resume or form filling to apply for jobs on Creamrole, the process of applying for jobs is very simple, a single-click process and you are done. How to search and apply for delivery jobs The entire process of looking for delivery jobs using Creamrole is simple yet effective. Just follow the given steps and you are good to go: Visit the Creamrole website and click on the ‘find a job’ option Fill out all the necessary information required and then sign-up via OTP which will be sent to the phone number provided by you. Next, click on the ‘search jobs’ option. Select the preferred city where you want the job and the job profile that suits your skills the best. Apply for delivery jobs near you. Please note that you have to repeat this process daily until you get hired. Now, relax and wait until the employer contacts you. Be confident and give your best shot at the interview. Get hired How to create delivery job alerts near you If you wish to receive the latest job updates via Sms or email, follow the given below steps: Visit the Creamrole website and click on create a job alert option. Fill the necessary information and sign-up or login using the OTP sent on your registered phone number.  Next, Click on the create a job alert option You will now start receiving all the latest job alerts according to the information submitted by you. Creamrole is one of the most efficient, easy, hassle-free and effective online job portals in the country right now. If you are looking for a delivery job, Creamrole will help you grab the best job option for you. Do not miss the latest job postings, try Creamrole today