Top Us Job Sites To Search Driver Jobs

Finding a job is a cumbersome task even with numerous job search sites in the market. Not all these sites are up to the task and more often than not, waste your precious time and efforts. This is especially true for blue-collar workers where there is no standard wage rate applicable. If you are a driver who is unsatisfied with his/her present job or wants a better pay structure or flexibility of working hours, worry no more. By doing the right research, it is possible to find an employer who not only respects your efforts and also pays you accordingly. We reviewed more than 50 sites to find the websites that actually work in the USA and that can help you land the job of your dreams. Top sites in the USA to find driver jobs Creamrole – It is an exclusive job board which looks to transform the way blue-collar workers are recruited. The company aims to connect small to medium-sized businesses, startups, and enterprises, offering opportunities, with blue-collar job seekers. The site is 100% free for job seekers whereas for employers they offer job posting plans that are nominal and suits the budget of SMBs and startups. The jobs posted or employers & jobseekers registered on this job portal are 100% genuine which improves the response rate considerably and increase the chance of great customer or user satisfaction. Google Jobs – Launched by Google in the year 2017, Google for Job shows a curated list of jobs when you type keywords such as “driver jobs” or “driver jobs near me”. For employers to post jobs on this embedded feature of the world’s most widely used search engine, a Google Job Posting schema format is required. Bluecrew – As the name of the site clearly suggests, Bluecrew exclusively caters to the needs of blue-collar workers. Launched in the year 2014 by three Stanford University students, its main focus is to “disrupt antiquated, traditional temp agencies.” However, since it is a new company, the cities which it currently covers are limited and is available only in LA, Nevada, Sacramento and the Bay area. More than being a job search site, it is a staffing company that scans the resumes of the applicants and hires them and gives them the choice to pick their clients and the shifts they want to work. Wonolo – Wonolo just like Bluecrew is an online staffing company that connects blue-collar workers with the recruiters. The site is however used for temporary recruitment only. Wonolo screens the workers based on certain tests before hiring them to maintain the standards of the worker’s pool. Bonus and other similar perqs are provided to workers who perform well in their jobs and have been reviewed reliable by the recruiters. The company claims to have an average fill rate of the positions at 90%, whereas in the other traditional staffing companies, this average rate is at a mere 34%. Monster – Monster is one of the top job search sites in the world with over a million registrations. You can upload your resume on the site using Dropbox or Google Drive and once the upload is complete, you can apply for driver jobs online. The entire process of looking for jobs is easy and hassle-free and you also get frequent email alerts and mobile updates regarding recent job openings or when an employer shortlists your resume. Indeed – Indeed is a job engine that has over the years won the trust and respect of employers and job seekers alike. It is indeed (pun intended) one of the best job search sites in the country to look for any type of job, be it white-collar or blue-collar sector. Last year, Indeed acquired another leading company, Simply Hired, to become the top job search site in the USA. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a part-time or full-time job or what your other job expectations are, there is some kind of opportunity waiting for everyone on Indeed. Glassdoor – Glassdoor gained popularity initially as a job review site where employees wrote honestly about the work culture of their companies, experience, salaries, perqs and so on. But now this site is also being used for hiring and recruiting workers. The best part about the site is that one can read the reviews and comments left by other workers. Craigslist – Craigslist is no longer being used just to purchase and sell items or for rental purposes. It is actually a promising place to find freelance work or other local job opportunities in your area. Recently, Craigslist started charging nominal fees from employees for posting jobs which have helped in eliminating bogus job requests, thus improving the quality of job postings. Jobcase – Jobcase was found in the year 2009 and works as a social network as well as a job search site for blue-collar and freelance workers. The company was, in fact, voted in 2015 as one of the best places to work in Boston. Not only can you use this site for job search but it also allows users to share knowledge, network and connect with other job seekers and prospective employers. One can also review other people on the site and the companies they have worked for. Conclusion If you are a driver looking for a high-quality job, the above-given options are the best pick for you. These sites have already been tested and tried and can help you in landing the job of your dreams. While not all of the above companies cater exclusively to the needs of blue-collar workers (such as Indeed and Glassdoor), some do and are more effective such as Creamrole, Bluecrew and Wonolo.