What Is Creamrole.com? How It Is The Best Job Posting Site In The Us?

Blue-Collar Job Sector: USA

America is supposedly going through a new kind of Industrial Revolution currently. The country’s blue-collar sector is experiencing a skewed demand-supply ratio. The growth of blue-collar jobs in recent years can largely be attributed to the development of manufacturing, retail, and logistics sectors. The demand for these workers is plenty, however, there is an acute shortage of labor available.

According to a study by the Conference Board in 2018, this labor shortage is going to continue through 2030 but will benefit blue-collar workers as it will lead to an increase in their wages and job satisfaction. Another report by Washington Post says that the growth rate of blue-collar jobs is presently more than what has been experienced in over 30 years.

But even with such high demand, the blue-collar sector in the country remains to be a neglected one. Due to the shortage of skilled labor and demand for a higher wage rate, employers are on the lookout for ways to replace men with machines. But as lucrative as automation might sound, we will always need workers. There are certain parts of jobs that require humans and can’t be accomplished by machines, nevertheless their superior skills and smarter ways.

If you are an employer wanting to hire blue-collar workers, the best way to do so is via online job boards. But the number of online job boards with their focus on the informal sector and entry-level jobs are very few. So how do you recruit the right blue-collar talent for your business? Try Creamrole. It is one of the fastest-growing job portals in the USA with the main focus on entry-level jobs. It focuses on over 20 job profiles and operates in three cities currently i.e. Los Angeles, New York City, and San Francisco, with an aim to expand its services to other US cities as well in the near future.

Blue-Collar and Entry-Level Job Boards

The idea behind Creamrole is simple, it aims to connect the blue-collar sector workers with the right job opportunities. The job market is loaded with sites such as Indeed, Glassdoor, Dice, and Monster that work mainly focuses on the white-collar job sector.

Job boards with blue-collar niches are very few in number and include sites like Localwise, Wonolo, Care, and Craigslist. Blue-collar workers need better opportunities and promising representation which has led to the birth of Creamrole. This job board doesn’t mess around. It is dedicated exclusively to the needs of the informal sector workers like drivers, chefs and aims to connect small to medium-sized businesses, startups, and enterprises, offering opportunities, with blue-collar job seekers.

Creamrole: Jobs For Everyone

Creamrole, at present, is the only niche blue-collar and entry-level job board in the US, targeting 3 cities: New York City, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. This blue-sector exclusive job board offers 22 job profiles: driver, delivery, chef, cook, waiter, bartender, electrician, salon, spa, care, babysitter, pet care, retail, sales, machinist, mechanic, construction, gardener, photographer, plumber, carpenter, administrative, bpo, back-office, customer service, front desk, etc. Creamrole works to connect skill i.e., blue-collar job seekers, with available opportunities i.e. job vacancies in the market through technology.

Features And Benefits For Employers

Employers joining Creamrole can enjoy a number of exclusive features and benefits such as:

It has a verified pool of job-seekers. It comes with a money-back guarantee feature. If you do not love it, your money will be refunded. It provides 100% satisfaction to its customers. If dissatisfied, you may raise a request for free re-posting of your job post. The pricing plans of Creamrole are affordable and will go easy on your wallet. It’s fast and friendly customer support makes communication between you and their executives easy and builds your trust towards them.

Features And Benefits For Jobseekers

The job seekers on Creamrole enjoy different benefits as well like:

Creamrole is 100% free for job-seekers to search and apply for jobs. It’s easy OTP sign up and login makes the job search process faster and simpler. All jobs and employers are verified which increases the response rate and your chances of getting hired significantly. You can create free job alerts via SMS or email at Creamrole to get notifications of the latest jobs nearby. No resume or form filling required to apply on jobs, just click on the ‘apply’ button and you are done.

How To Hire Employees?

Want to hire blue-collar workers for your business? Go through the given steps:

Visit the Creamrole website. And click on the ‘post a job‘ button. Fill all the necessary information related to you and job details. Next, select your preferred payment plan option. All the payment plans are very affordable and will go easy on your pocket. When finished, click on the ‘publish your job’ button. Make the payment and your job will be successfully posted.

How To Get A Job?

If you are a job-seeker looking for the best job opportunities in the market, follow the given steps:

Visit the Creamrole website. And click on the ‘find a job‘ button. Fill the necessary information and sign-up via OTP. Click on the ‘search jobs’ button. After that select your city and job profile. Now you may apply for the best jobs near you as per your understanding.

How To Create a Job Alert?

If you wish Creamrole to send you latest job alerts via SMS or email, follow the given steps:

Visit the Creamrole website. And click on the ‘create job alert’ button. Fill the necessary details and you may need to sign-up or login using OTP. In case, you are not already logged in. After that just click on the ‘create job alert’ button. You will start receiving all the latest jobs nearby as per the details submitted by you.


Creamrole is an online job board working tirelessly to transform the way blue-collar sector workers are hired in the country. It helps companies, individuals and SMBs to hire the right workers for their jobs and also provide the perfect job opportunities to the informal workers with better working conditions and higher wage rates.