Creamrole Launches An Exclusive Job Portal Designed for Blue-Collar Sector Targeting SMBs in the USA

Creamrole Launches An Exclusive Job Portal Designed for Blue-Collar Sector Targeting SMBs & Startups in the USA -

San Francisco, Feb 18, 2020 ( - Creamrole is on a mission to contribute to the biggest job sector in the US, the informal sector, by connecting skill with opportunity.

Creamrole is excited to announce the launch of its unique job board,, dedicated to the blue-collar & entry-level jobs sector in the US. It aims to connect small to medium-sized businesses, startups, and enterprises, offering opportunities, with blue-collar job-seekers.

The idea behind Creamrole is to innovate how employers and job-seekers connect with each other to accomplish their respective goals without the need for any third-party influence. It is created to be one of the leading staffing startups for entry-level jobs in the US.

Creamrole is the only job board to cater exclusively to the needs of the informal sector. Currently, it operates in 3 US cities i.e. New York City, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

Creamrole's objective is to build a dedicated ecosystem to connect the 2 most important stakeholders i.e. informal sector workforce and SMBs. It looks to set new standards in the informal workforce staffing process by making the process easy & fast.

Importance Of Creamrole

Creamrole,, believes in innovating to find better ways and that's what makes it unique. It offers affordable pricing plans to employers considering the pocket size of SMBs and startups. Plus, it's 100% free for job seekers. Along with it, they offer unrivaled customer support. Creamrole platform has been built with the best tech & design and easy-to-use functionality that allows both job seekers and employers to effortlessly access & use the job board. They also ensure an optimal experience on mobile devices as well.

Features For Employers Are:
  • Hire Skilled Employees - Hire skilled blue-collar employees for your business.
  • Guarantee - Minimum 10 applications guarantee on any or all job posts.
  • Add Ons - Enable 'Add-Ons' on your job post to attract more applications.
  • Easy To Use - Easy and single form to register as well as post a job.
  • Fastest Way To Post Jobs - Register and post a job in merely 2-5 minutes.
  • Budget-Friendly Pricing - Enjoy pocket-friendly job post pricing to hire employees.
Features For Jobseekers Are:
  • Forever Free - Free forever. No need to pay to search for jobs.
  • Job Alerts - Free latest job alerts in SMS or email.
  • Verified Jobs - 100% real and verified jobs & employers.
  • OTP Login - No password required. Simple OTP login.
  • Bookmarking - Bookmark (favorite) jobs and employers at ease.
  • Guarantee - 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

"Creamrole is driven by its mission which makes it different from its competitors. The idea or concept of Creamrole makes the whole approach special. It aims to connect skill i.e. blue-collar job-seekers with available opportunities i.e. job vacancies in the market with the smart use of tech in minimalistic ways. It looks to help people at the base of the pyramid to discover job opportunities and find ways to use technology to get as many benefits as feasible in terms of better wages, job security, assurance of employment opportunities that match their skills." says Kishore, CEO.

"With the current digital revolution going on in the world which has to lead to affordable smartphones & internet; delivery personnel, drivers, babysitters, housemaids, drivers, personal assistants, electricians, cooks, plumbers, security guards, waiters, painters, carpenters, and clerks can connect with potential employers via Creamrole at ease," he added.

About Creamrole

Creamrole is a job board dedicated to the informal jobs sector in the US which looks to transform the way blue-collar workers are hired. It is a one-stop recruitment solution for the informal sector as it helps employers to find the right hire and job seekers to find the right worth for their skills. It is the bridge that builds an extensive gap between employers and blue-collar workers. To learn more about Creamrole, please visit Both job seekers and employers can find useful & relevant information on Creamrole site and social media channels.

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